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Meet Marina

"My endless love towards animals have once grew into a dream of opening my own Pet Shop, which is now my happy reality, where I help people find the best products at the best price at Marrymur Boutique."

We specialise in high quality clothes for cats & dogs, as well as in handmade accessories, like collars and custom beds of various sizes. 

As well as producing high quality clothes, we specialise in raw feeding, and having various meat options in our pouches menu. I believe having high quality raw food for your pets is necessarily, as it is filled with protein and vitamins. 

In our website Simon's Kitchen Raw Food there are many options to choose from. Including double minced paste menu for kittens and puppies and specially made calculator to help with figuring out your pet's daily meal, depending on his/her weight and activity.

Marina is a professional breeder. If you are thinking about adopting a sphinx, get in touch with her via email or Facebook 

Owner and Manager

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