• Long Lasting Healthy Dog Chews: Split Antler is a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. They are long lasting, and as they are unprocessed, they should not splinter either.
  • Tartar Control Dog Chews: Fantastic Source of Natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese and Zinc - Great for Dog Tartar Control.
  • Premium Quality Natural Antler Dog Chews: Split Antler Dog Chews are from Red Deer and Fallow deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned and cut to various sizes.
  • Totally Mess-Free & Odorless Dog Chew: Being a naturally grown chew, no two antlers are the same. Some are a harder dark brown colour whilst others are a softer greyish/white.
  • Perfect Starter Split Dog Chew: Split Antlers safely satisfy your canine’s natural urge to chew and chomp. Will not splinter like sticks.

Antos Split Antler Medium Chews For Dogs Horns Organic Chew Dog