A complete walking set that provides instant style and comfort, while ensuring a convenient collar and lead for you and your pet, the Ancol Small Bite Collar & Lead is a simple yet stylish design, made with strong, weatherproof nylon weaving with a delightful pink heart design.  Perfect for bright, bubbly puppies and small dogs, it features an adjustable buckle design to ensure a perfect fit and a versatile collar that meets the needs of growing puppies, allowing you to adjust the collar size as your puppy grows.

A simple yet stylish and convenient matching collar and lead providing two essential walking accessories for your dog, the Ancol Small Bite Collar & Lead Raspberry Hearts is strong yet soft, designed to be comfortable to wear and hold for you and your pet.  Providing instant style as well as security, it’s great for everyday play, walks and adventures, allowing you to take your new member of the family out and about so they can explore their outdoor surroundings safely.  It also features a tough, matching pink plastic buckle and shiny silver metal D ring on the collar for easy adjustment, fitting and connection of the lead, and a silver trigger hook on the lead for convenient connecting to your dog’s collar.

CLEARANCE ANCOL Small Bite Collar & Lead Raspberry Hearts

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