Fitted with an efficient, reliable safety buckle, the safest way of preventing cats from getting caught by their collars, the Ancol Velvet Sparkle Cat Collar is perfect for adventurous felines with sparkling personalities, releasing your cat for an easy escape if they get caught up whilst climbing and exploring.  Made with premium quality luxury soft velvet fabric with a delightful shimmer from added sparkle it ensures long lasting use, efficiency and comfort, and features an extra-large, extra-loud super bell to protect wildlife and alert other animals to your cat’s presence, with an easily adjustable design that expands from 20cm to 30cm (max length).  Perfect for all adult cats and fashion-conscious owners and with a lightweight yet durable design, it instantly adds style with a fun, fashionable soft velvet design and added glistening sparkle.

  • A fun, stylish cat collar with a luxurious soft velvet and sparkles
  • A beautiful, glamorous design
  • Great for cats that love to explore, keeping them safe and stylish every day
  • With a convenient, reliable safety buckle, the safest way of preventing your cat from getting caught when exploring, that releases your cat for an easy escape
  • Made with premium quality fabrics for long lasting use and durability
  • Ensures comfort when worn
  • Easily adjustable, suitable for all adult cats
  • With a lightweight design that will not hinder movement
  • With XL warning bell to help protect wildlife
  • Adjustable Length: 20-30cm

CLEARANCE ANCOL Velvet Sparkle Cat Collar Coffee Brown 20-30cm

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