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Johnson's Dog Deodorant 150ml

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Johnson's Dog Deodorant 150ml

Dogs are cute, cuddly creatures that have adorable facial features but they can stink really badly. Some dogs have a body odour that masks their appeal and prevents them from making new friends. If you would like your pet to look cute as well, as smell fresh like a clean dog all the time, then you must add Johnson's Deodorant for Dogs to your dog's grooming accessory collection. This cologne for dogs is one of the brand's most premium products that not only help you prevent body odours in your pet but also freshen up its surrounding area and bedding. Every time someone will ask to pet your pooch, they will be pleased to smell the satisfying fragrance from its fur. Also, this natural deodorant for dogs will help your dog be the star among its friends and popular among the ladies! Suitable for all dogs and puppies, this deodorant spray for dogs is ideal for freshening your pet's bedding and even your rooms. This aerosol is prepared with all the essential health factors of dogs and their owners in mind. It is completely free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are harmful to everyone's lungs. It does not irritate your lovely friend's skin, eyes or nose. With the necessary elements, this cologne for dogs only soothes your pet's skin and leaves it with a charming smell. Since it is an aerosol, it is provided in a spray bottle that makes it convenient for you to apply all over your pet's body, its surrounding areas, bedding, mats, carpets, and rooms. Remember to keep some distance from your pet's fur while applying this spray and avoid areas like eyes and the mouth area.

Product Benefits

  • Delightful scent for dogs to mask all your dog's body odours
  • Made from dog-safe elements in the form of an aerosol
  • Does not contain CFCs to prevent irritation to skin or allergies to nose and lungs
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs and puppies older than 12 weeks
  • Quick, easy, and efficient to use with effective results from first use


Johnson's Dog Deodorant 150ml

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