Mr Johnson’s Advance Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Food is a premium pet food, made from high quality and nutritious ingredients including prebiotics for digestive health, and essential fibres to aid intestinal transit and dental wear.

Mr Johnson’s supplies ensures your rabbit gets all the essential nutrition for a healthy and happy lifestyle, with its mono-component nuggets that prevents selective feeding. This recipe is also free from added flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Key Benefits:

  • Formulated with Glucosamine for joint mobility
  • Contains Yucca Extract to reduce hutch odours
  • Complete with Verm X and Bio-MOS to promote healthy gut flora and intestinal condition
  • Suitable for Junior and Dwarf rabbits 

Flaked Steamed Peas, Concentrate Pellets (Wheatfeed, Sunflower Extract, Straw, Sugar Beet, Calcium Carbonate, Molasses, Grass Meal, Sodium Chloride, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin & Trace Element Premix, Dicalcium Phosphate), Flaked Barley, Flaked Maize, Locust Bean Extrusions, Wheat Extrusions, Dried Carrot, Lucerne, Verm-X Blend, Soya Oil

Nutritional Information:
Crude Protein 15.00%; Crude Fibre 10.00%; Crude Oils & Fats 3.00%; Crude Ash 4.00%; Calcium 0.90%; Sodium 0.20%; Phosphorous 0.20%

Mr Johnson's Advance Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Food 1.5kg

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