A delicious assortment of 100% natural ingredients to ensure the health and wellbeing of hedgehogs Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food has been carefully developed for all hedgehogs, ideal for feeding all year round.

A complementary food for hedgehogs combining delicious chicken, pork and brown rice Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food is great for feeding alone, or can be mixed with delicious Spikes Dry Dinner or Semi Moist hedgehog food for a texture combination hedgehogs love, instantly adding variety to their meal.  Developed to keep garden hedgehogs happy and healthy it provides extra nutritional support for them when natural food sources are scarce, ideal for placing in your garden at night for hedgehogs to feast away at as and when required.

A highly nutritious blend of 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Spikes Meaty Feast encourages your garden hedgehogs to visit all year round, and is the most popular hedgehog food in the UK! Developed by Spikes, a leading hedgehog food manufacturer in the UK, it delivers beneficial nutrition for hedgehogs and has been enhanced with chicory extract and essential vitamins and minerals to support good health and keep our garden friends happy, healthy and full of vitality.  A new and improved recipe it is particularly beneficial for hedgehogs before hibernation, helping them to store up enough reserves of fat to see them through the winter months.

  • A delicious assortment of 100% natural ingredients
  • Carefully developed to meet the nutritional needs of wild hedgehogs
  • Contains real chicken, pork and brown rice for a wholesome mix of natural produce
  • Great for feeding alone or mixed with other feeds from the nutritious Spikes hedgehog range
  • Enriched with chicory extract and key vitamins and minerals to support good health and condition
  • Helps to keep wild hedgehogs happy, healthy and full of vitality
  • Provides beneficial nutrition to support the health and wellbeing of wild hedgehogs
  • Provides a helping hand to wild hedgehogs, helping them store enough fat reserves to last through the winter months
  • Easy feed formula, ideal for feeding from a Hedgehog Bowl or similar
  • No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sugars or salts
  • Suitable for all wild hedgehogs of any age
  • Convenient 140gm single serve feeding trays

Top Tips for Hedgehog Health:

  • Cultivate a wild corner in your garden to make your hedgehog feel at home
  • Avoid using slug pellets if possible
  • Leave a ramp or slope out of your pond so hogs can climb out
  • Make a hedgehog highway. Ensuring hedgehogs can pass from garden to garden is extremely important
  • Hogs seen in daylight are usually hungry, thirsty or ill.  When in doubt, contact your local hedgehog hospital
  • Leave food and water out in shallow dishes each evening at dusk.

Feeding Guide: Place the food in a shallow dish and put out before dusk in a quiet area of the garden along with a shallow dish of water. A mature hedgehog can eat 100g-150g of wet food per night.


Chicken 40%, Pork 30%, Brown Rice 4%, Minerals, Chicory Extract 0.25%.

Nutritional Additives: 

Vitamins per kg: Vitamin A 3500iu, Vitamin D3 350iu, Vitamin E 35mg, Zinc 15mg, Iodine 0.3mg, Selenium 0.02mg.

Analytical Constituents: 

Crude Protein 8.5%,Crude Fat 7.5%, Crude Fibre 0.5%, Crude Ash 2.5%, Moisture 83%. Calorie Content: 92kcal/100g.

Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog Food 140gm

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